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General data protection regulations

24 May 2018

General data protection regulation is the biggest change to data privacy law for 20 years and creates a single set of Rules that better protect personal information for people across the EU. It comes into force on the 25th of May 2018 and introduces new and enhanced rights for individuals also known as data subjects.

To ensure they meet GDPR requirements, before the 25th of May, all organisations must review

  • how they manage all personal data,
  • their lawful basis for processing personal data and
  • what types of personal data they process.
  • How personal data is used
  • The steps taken to safeguard personal data

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the UK government plans to implement the Data Protection bill before the 25th of May to ensure that the UK remains in harmony with the GDPR and therefore the EU after withdrawal from the EU in 2019

Your rights

The new data protection regulation introduces or enhances the following rights:

  • Right to be informed- you have the right to know how your personal data is being used by any organisation.
  • Right to access your data -you can ask any organisation to share with you the personal data that they hold about you
  • Right to Erasure – you can request that an organisation deletes the personal data that they are holding about you -however this is not an absolute right. It may be that an organisation has good reason to continue processing your personal data and may decline to delete
  • Right to restrict processing – if you believe that personal data held by an organisation contains incorrect information, you may ask that they restrict processing until the error has been corrected.
  • Right to data portability – you can ask that an organisation shares the personal data it holds with you or you can ask the company to share your personal data with another organisation
  • Right to object you can object to the way your personal data is being used by an organisation.
  • Rights in relation to automated decision-making and profiling. Where you believe that an organisation is making decisions about you based entirely on automated processes, you can ask for human intervention.

Your personal data is in safe hands with us

We have always taken safeguarding your personal data and respecting your individual rights very seriously.

  • We do use data to promote communication within the Band, and with potential hirers.
  • We do respect your privacy, and work hard to meet strict regulatory requirements, including contact with the Disclosure & Barring Service.
  • We do go the extra mile to protect your personal data, including DBS Records.
  • We don’t sell your personal data to third parties

This notice tells you how we use your personal data and what your options are. It is regularly reviewed and has recently been updated and may be updated again from time to time if there are other changes to the Legislation.