Code of Conduct

A PDF can be downloaded Code_of_Conduct

Code of Conduct As a member of The Band you are asked to:

• Attend regularly at rehearsals and make yourself available, so far as possible, for engagements

• Let the Bandmaster/MD know as soon as possible if you are going to miss a rehearsal or performance.

• Availability for performances should be recorded on the bands website which also gives details of forthcoming events.

• Take proper care of all band equipment allocated to you and maintain band instruments in proper working order.

• Report any loss, damage or fault to any band equipment to the appropriate Committee member without delay.

• Keep your music in order so that pieces can be located without undue delay and remember that if you are to be absent, your music may still be needed and you must do your best to get it there.

• Check the Band’s website from time to time. This gives details of forthcoming concerts, etc. Concert programmes are normally posted on the website forum in advance. This gives you an opportunity to check that you have everything and that it is sorted into programme order prior to the performance.

• Pay attention to the Bandmaster/MD during rehearsals and at performances and to the instructions of the Band Sergeant at performances.

• Observe the Bands Dress Code. • Behave responsibly and in a dignified manner when in Band Uniform so as not to bring the Band into disrepute.

• If you need to talk to another member during a performance please be as discreet as possible.

• Assist with the setting up and clearing away of equipment for rehearsals and performances and so far as you are able with the loading and/or transportation of equipment taken to and from engagements.

• Arrive in good time for performances. For concerts and other formal engagements where the full band needs to be set up on stage, players should normally aim to be there at least 45 minutes before the performance starts unless notified otherwise.

• Do your best to improve and to add to the musical quality and presentation of the band.