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27/11/2022 (Front Row Cornets)
Last Update:
30th December 2010
A former player and friend of DSB has had a really busy time this Christmas - Rob 'Trebor' Walker has managed to get himself married (on the 20th Dec) and has had a baby boy - Jacob - born today (30th) 6lb 13Oz! Congratulations to Rob and Sam - how are they going to trump that next Christmas!

6th December 2010
Profile Update
Head over to The Entertainers section of the website to read up on bass player - Des Milburn.

3rd December 2010
Nafferton Christmas Fayre Cancelled
With the ongoing poor weather conditions, the Scouts have taken the decision to cancel the event. DSB will not have a rehearsal either.

28th November 2010
Christmas Concert Cancelled
Due to the horrendous weather conditions today, the concert has had to be cancelled. The band can now be heard at the St Catherines Hospice Carol Concert at All Saints Church in Driffield on Tuesday 7th December 7pm, and also at the Bridlington Lions Carol Concert in Bridlington Spa on Monday 13th December 7pm.

23rd November 2010
It's a boy!!!!
At 05:19 this morning, Lucy Grantham gave birth to a healthy baby boy, weighing in at 9lb 2.5Oz. He is a little brother to Harry.
Congratulations to Lucy, and her husband Richard - all the best from all of us at DSB.

23rd October 2010
Profile Updates
Recent addition Richard Gregg has added an impressive profile update. Head over to The Entertainers section of the website to read-up!

13th October 2010
Driffield Times 150th Anniversary 'Pride of Driffield 2010' Awards
Our very own MD Andy Grace is a finalist in the 'Outstanding Contribution' category of the Driffield Times 'Pride of Driffield 2010' awards. Anybody who wishes to vote for Andy should buy a Driffield Times (dated 13th October) fill in the entry form on page 21 and post to the Driffield Times offices.

5th October 2010
New Player
We have had another addition to DSB, the Horn section would like to welcome Daniel Kardamis. Most recently a French Horn player, Daniel is a student at Driffield School.

25th September 2010
Profile Updates
Jim Johnson and Heather Curnow have updated their profiles. Check out The Entertainers section of the website to find out more.

20th September 2010
Charity Concert
Following the concert, we are pleased to announce that the takings on the door were £472, and a £300 donation was made.  The whole amount was 'gift aided', taking the total to £812. This is a fantastic amount, and will be used to buy much needed support kits for providing shelter and fresh water. Thanks go to the band for agreeing to put on this concert at short notice, but mostly to those who contributed to this worthwhile cause.

5th September 2010
Charity Concert
DSB have just agreed to take part in a Concert in aid of the Pakistan Flood Appeal. This will take place on Sunday 19th September 2010 at 2pm, in the Old Town Hall in Driffield.
Please come along to support this worthwhile charity.

20th August 2010
First rehearsal back was a good-un!
At our first rehearsal back we have a few anouncements rearding players;

Jim Johnson has come along to play Solo Euphonium.
Richard Gregg has come along to fill the Solo cornet vacancy.
Eric Milburn has come out of retirement to help out on 2nd Trombone.
Lucy Grantham has returned to the band after a few years away (becoming a doctor, wife & mother in the meantime) to play on 2nd Horn.

Welcome to you all - I hope each of you have a long and successful time with DSB!

23rd July 2010
Last rehearsal before the Summer Break
Following our busy summer period, DSB will be taking a short break from rehearsals. Our next rehearsal will be on 20th August, where we will start our build-up to the Armistice concert in Driffield & then we will be into the Christmas season!

17th July 2010
Return to the fold
Great news for DSB - former players Rob & Dawn Langley have returned to play with us following a short break from banding. It is fantastic to see them back again. They have slotted in as if they never left...

27th June 2010
Good news / Bad news!
Following his successful application to study for a Masters qualification in York, Solo Euphonium player Craig Brown has announced that he will step down as a full time player with Driffield Silver Band following the Summer season. We hope that this will not be the last we see of him as York is not too far away.

So congratulations to Craig on his fantastic opportunity.

And if anybody knows any Euphonium players who wish to play for us please put them in touch!

6th June 2010
Profile Updates
Sam Thompson, Sophie Thompson and Ian Backhouse have updated their profiles.

15th May 2010
Calls have been answered!
After just one week without a flugel player, Mike Waudby has agreed to join the band. After attending just two rehearsals, he was impressed so much he was more than happy to be offerred the position.

He has been a prominent player in the area over a number of years, and has found a niche on flugel that really suits him. As the flugel position does not become available very often, he has jumped at the chance to join us.

As a very capable player, he will add another dimension to DSB and will help to develop the band further.

Welcome Mike, I hope you have a long and successful stay with us.

2nd May 2010
Profile Update
James Ledger has updated his profile.

28th April 2010
Profile Update
Toby Woodall has updated his profile.

25th April 2010
New Vacancy
We are now in the market for a Flugel player. If you are interested in filling this vacancy, or those on Solo Cornet or percussion, please use the Contact Us section of the website, you will be made very welcome!

25th April 2010
Profile Update
Wendy Brayshaw has updated her profile.

24th April 2010
New Player!
Following a fantastic solo for the East Riding Youth Brass Band at the Bob Dales Memorial Concert, Heather Curnow has joined our existing team on Trombone. A great asset to the band - welcome Heather!

15th April 2010
Fred Leason - Condolences
Following the sad passing of his wife, and some health issues, Solo cornet player Fred has decided to retire from playing. He will be missed at Driffield Silver Band and will always have friends here. We hope he will come to visit soon.

10th April 2010
The DSB family just gets bigger
We have just recruited another few players in one big swoop!

The Backhouse Family - Ian on Bb Bass, Rebecca on Baritone and Emily on 2nd Trombone. This means we have a full complement of brass players, and are just looking for a full time Percussionist - anybody willing to fill this position should use the Contact Us page on this website.

5th April 2010
Profile Update
Andy Rogers has sent us an update to his profile. Please look in The Entertainers section of the website to read up!

10th March 2010
New Players
We have had a couple of new cornet players join us in the past few weeks; Andy Rogers who has just moved into the area with his job, and also Diane O'Donnell who has just returned to playing after a few years out. The warmest welcome to you both, and I hope you enjoy playing with us.

Anybody else interested in joining us would also be made very welcome - just make contact through the Countact Us section of the website.

19th February 2010
At the AGM on the Friday the 19th, the election of officers were as follows;

Chairman - Ian Buckton

Vice Chairman - Vacant

Treasurer - Rachel Bell

Secretary - Mike Clarke

29th January 2010
At our rehearsal on Friday we had a very welcome guest player in the form of Gary Latchem who came to play cornet with us. Gary is currently Chairman and Principal cornet of Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver Band down in deepest Somerset.

He seemed to enjoy himself, and we hope to see him again the next time he visits Driffield!

5th January 2010
First rehearsal CANCELLED
Due to the inclement weather, the rehearsal on the 8th of January is cancelled.

24th December 2009
The end of another year!
Following the Bridlington Lions Carol Concert at the Spa, we have now completed our engagements list for 2009.

Now is the time for a deserved break!

We wish all of our supporters a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

First rehearsal back will be on Friday 8th January - if anybody wishes to come along, please get in touch through the 'Contact Us' section of the website, you will be made very welcome.

10th December 2009
Return of the Mal
Great news - DSB stalwart Mal Kellett has decided to return to the band on a part-time basis.

15th November 2009
John Armstrong has helped us out at a number of jobs across the season, he has intimated that he would like to play for us on a regular basis which is fantastic news - however as he already plays for the excellent Shepherd Group Brass Band in York, who also rehearse on a Friday - he may not be able to attend many rehearsals. This is still an amazing leap forward as we have not had a drummer of our own for a few years!

15th October 2009
New Recruits
We have managed to gain another few new players in the last few weeks. We have David Hook on Bb Bass. Also on Eb Bass is Des Milburn and his brother Eric on 2nd Trombone.

15th September 2009
Denise Massey
Following a few years on Bb Bass, Denise has decided to move back to her first love, Tenor Horn. She will fill the existing horn vacancy we have sloting in with Rachel and Sophie. However this does mean we now have a vacancy on Bass.

15th July 2009
We have just completed a busy week where we had three jobs in 8 days. I have to thank all the deps who helped us out during this holiday period too.

Andrea - EYMS


Sam - Shepherd's Group Concert Brass

John - Shepherd's Group Concert Brass

Tom - Shepherd's Group Concert Brass

Sally - Barton Town Band

Bex - East Riding of Yorkshire Band

Andy - Barton Town Band

Adrian - East Riding of Yorkshire Band

Dave - Pemberton Old

Paul - Barton Town Band


and Dave Nichols our former MD who helped out on Sop.

15th June 2009
Congratulations to Pippa Warcup on her promotion at work.

Sadly this means that we have to say goodbye as she will be moving to Leeds. Her tenure with DSB may have been short-lived but I hope she enjoyed playing with us.

24th April 2009
In addition to losing Brian Robson, this has also meant that Christine Robson will no longer be able to attend rehearsals playing flugel horn.

We now welcome Pippa Warcup onto the front row.

The vacancies remaining now are on Trombone, Horn and Percussion.

If anybody wishes to join the band on any instrument, please contact us through the website.

18th April 2009
Brian Robson
I am in the sad position to announce that another player, Brian Robson (2nd Trombone) has decided to take a break from playing with DSB for health reasons.

We all wish him the a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the near future.

21st March 2009
New Player
DSB have the pleasure in anouncing that we have a new player, Philippa Warcup. She joins in time to play at the Bob Dales Memorial Concert on the 29th.

Philippa will play on the Repiano Cornet chair recently vacated by Mal Kellett.

At the moment DSB still have vacancies on 2nd Horn and Percussion, anybody interested, please contact us through the website.

13th February 2009
Malcolm Kellett
It is my duty to announce that the band's Principal Repiano Cornet, former Vice Chairman and recipient of the Tony Wilson Award 2008 for Outstanding Contribution to the band, has decided to take a break from playing with DSB.

We are sorry to see him go, although the door will always be open for him to return.

Mal has said that it will be very easy to fill the time as he has a wonderful granddaughter, and is also very close to sitting his Private Pilot's License exams - good luck to him with that.

30th January 2009
Driffield Silver Band AGM
A great turnout of players and supporters graced the Maple Room at the Bell Hotel.

Following Malcolm Kellett's decision to stand down as Vice-Chairman, there was a re-shuffle within the office bearers on the committee.

Chairman - Vacant

Vice Chairman - Ian Buckton

Treasurer - Rachel Speck

The second annual 'Players' player of the Year' award was made to Garry Forster, following a fantastic year on the Principal Cornet chair.

2nd February 2008
Band Dinner
The band set off 2008 with a fantastic dinner in the Maple Room at the Bell Hotel.

A fantastic attendance of over 50 people made the whole evening a night to remember.

During the evening the presentation of the first 'Players' Player of the Year' award was made to Rachel Speck. She received the highest number of votes from the attending players. There were an amazing 11 nominations altogether - this just shows how important all the players are to each other.
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